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First Month Free!

Now is your chance! For a limited time, we are offering our web hosting packages FREE of charge to our customers. This will be a presale before our official launch that will allow customers to register their package and get it for one month FREE. No credit card, no paypal account or anything. Completely FREE!


If you or anyone you know is interested in this amazing offer that will end 29th April, 2017 send us an email either at

Info@InfinitiCP.com or Rosa.Ettevi@InfinitiCP.com

Just copy and paste the form below and fill it out.


Name: (First/Last)

Email Address: (Valid)

Password: (Preferred)

Domain Name: (Currently Our Domain Registration is Still Under construction)

Phone Number: (Optional for enhanced security)

Reason For Interest:


Send that form to one of the provided emails and we will let you know once your package and account has been setup. But wait, its not over yet! If you test one of our packages and are satisfied within the first month and would like to continue service with us, all test subject will receive a 50% lifetime discount on all services*.


The only information that we do require is personal feedback after the 30 day period has ended with a review and rating on our service, servers, customer service, and overall experience. No other information is required no credit card payment, no paypal account, nothing else.


*These service discounts does exclude domain name services such as transfers, registration, privacy, etc.



Ettevi Rosa



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