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Greetings Infinitiers,


Welcome to the InfinitiCP Official Blog. My name is Ettevi Rosa and I am the current CEO and Owner of InfinitiCP. We offer premium web hosting and web hosting addon features at a convenient price to you.


In the past few months since Feburary.


Its the beginning of April now and we are anticipating a firm launch date for

01 May, 2017.


We are on track to have all sections finished I completed by mid April however we will not launch until the 1st of May as we will be testing the website, and automated system, and every other section of the site. Upon the official release date the only sections that may not be completed are as follow:


FAQ Page

24/7 Support Phone Line

Security Features (SSL, Malware Scans)

But, those sections will still be available for access on our site. If you have further questions or would need extra support, you may always contact our live support team or email us at Support@InfinitiCP.com or Info@InfinitiCP.com



Ettevi Rosa | CEO & Owner



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